Monday, October 5, 2015

The Three Frogs

Once upon a time there were three frogs, Alphonse, Corbert, and Ingerbottom. These frogs were brothers. They spent their days sitting on lily pads in the frog pond, basking in the sunshine and generally being happy. They were very pleased that they were frogs.

One day, Ingerbottom noticed something shiny at the bottom of the frog pond. “Brothers,” he said, “have you ever noticed that shiny thing down there?”

Alphonse and Corbert both looked down. “Interesting,” said Corbert. “It appears there is a shiny thing at the bottom of our pond, and we’ve never noticed it before.”

“Come to think of it,” said Alphonse, “I’m pretty sure we’ve never had a conversation before. This is a very strange day. At any rate, one of us should definitely go investigate that shiny thing. We must find out what it is, and why we’ve never noticed it before.”

“Let’s all go!” cried Alphonse. “It will be our grand adventure!”

So Alphonse and Corbert both dove to the bottom of the frog pond.

“Ah,” sighed Ingerbottom, lacing his fingers behind his head as he looked up at the warm, sunny sky. “Peace at last.”


  1. I really love the *weirdness* of this story... it's short and fun, but still makes you wonder what's going on here exactly.

    1. Makes me wonder too, and I wrote it. Some mysteries will always remain.